Questions to Ask When Choosing a Child Custody Attorney


When a couple is divorcing, one of the most complex issues involves determining custody of their children. The court takes many things into account when deciding how much time a child will spend with each parent. The judge will look at the parents’ health and habits, their ability and history of being a primary caregiver, living arrangements (new romantic partners, suitable quarters for a child, environmental concerns), and more. They also consider the wishes of the child, if he or she is mature enough to voice them.

The best Child Custody Attorney in Augusta will help you navigate this process and fight for what is best for your family. They will have a comprehensive understanding of Georgia law and a proven track record of success in courtroom battles. They will also have a strong network of legal professionals that can support you during this difficult time, such as therapists and counselors. These lawyers can work together with the child’s evaluator to ensure that a suitable arrangement is reached.

Joseph T. Rhodes Law Firm has been providing legal services to families in Augusta since 1997. Its attorneys handle a wide variety of family-related matters, including custody, visitation, guardianship, and adoption. They also assist divorcing parents in arranging for financial support payments. In addition, they help clients who are seeking to modify their existing child support orders.

Clayton L. Jolly III Law Firm is a general practice that handles family law and criminal defense cases in the Augusta area. It has been in operation for more than three decades and its founder, Clayton L. Jolly, has over 30 years of experience in the legal industry. The firm has handled civil and probate law cases in state, superior, and magistrate courts.

Bill Davison, a family lawyer in Evans, Georgia, has extensive experience handling contested and uncontested divorces. He has a laser-focus on communication and takes the time to get to know his clients’ unique situations. He helps them navigate through complex custody and visitation disputes by evaluating a range of factors, including the health and well-being of each parent and the relationship between the child and the parents.

Fulcher Hagler LLP is a multi-practice firm that focuses on family law in the Augusta area. Its lawyers provide legal assistance in a broad range of matters, including disputed and uncontested divorces, custody and visitation disputes, paternity legitimation, stepparent adoptions, alimony, and inheritance rights. They also offer mediation services for couples and individuals. They represent military members in military divorce proceedings, and they are experienced in addressing complex issues, such as relocation issues, deployment conflicts, and custody of children serving in the military. Their offices are located in downtown Augusta. They also have an office in North Charleston, South Carolina. They serve clients nationwide. The firm has an excellent customer satisfaction rating. They take pride in their ability to meet the specific needs of clients and their families. They also strive to offer the highest level of service and professionalism.

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